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menu enigma2 s-tmazight/Amawal n umuγ n enigma2 s-Tmazight


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menu enigma2 s-tmazight/Amawal n umuγ n enigma2 s-Tmazight

Post  Admin on Fri 22 Apr 2011 - 23:16

Amawal n umuγ(menu) n enigma2 s-Tmazight/menu enigma2 in tamazight

this is the local language Tamazight standard (latin caracters)
for the enigma2 based receivers(dreamboxhd,ipboxhd,vizyonhd,etc)
based on several sources like lexique media de l'ircam and Lexique d'informatique de Samiya Saad-Buzefran
the tifinagh caracters are not yet implented in python,so i could not made one
the tamazight grammatica is still difficult as there are so many variant,so maybe there are faults
about 75% of the enigma2 is translated
if the caracters are not showing up then you have to add the amazigh font in the skin.xml


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