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Android Tamazight Tifinagh Keyboard

on Sun 13 Oct 2013 - 1:22
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Android Tamazight Tifinagh Keyboard
I create this app so that we can write in tifinagh on android devices.
due the non-friendly language support and the absence of tifinagh font on android , it's not showing the tifinagh characters.
but we can make it working just by adding the tifinagh font.
i added the tifinagh glyps in the DroidSansFallback.ttf so that we can read and write in our script evrywhere like forums,textpages,sms,facebook,etc.

This method needs a rooted android Phone or tablet(most of the tablets are rooted):

if your device is rooted you can Extract the font "DroidSansFallback.ttf" (font is included in the rarfile)and copy them in  “/system/font/” folder. overwrite the existing one and reboot the device.
best program for pc for this step is Android Commander or ES File Explorer on android

install the Tamazight keyboard.apk to your device manually or with
Android Commander ,apk installer,etc

go to language and input and chose Tamazight keyboard  and change also the inputmethode to Tamazight keyboard

that's it.

For NON-ROOTED device:

If your device is NOT rooted then you have the root your device first before you can install the font.
How to root your device is depending on your brand model.
for the most device you can try this application:
rooting guide
otherwise search on google how to root your device.


For somme device It's NOT needed to root your device to install the tifinagh font.
install this app from playstore for the tifinagh font:

Download App and font:
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